Accommodation in the Tatras – hotel Lesana***, Stará Lesná

How to get here

The journey to the High Tatras is always a captivating trip filled with the beauty of nature. You can get to our shiny yellow hotel Lesana*** both from the town of Poprad and from the Tatras as well. Have a look at the map bellow too.

GPS coordinates : 49.144715, 20.291736

Arrival from Poprad / Highway

Direction PopradVeľká Lomnica – Stará Lesná : Through Poprad / from northern highway D1 – turn Poprad-Východ to Veľká Lomnica, at the exit (chalet/restaurant) turn left, approx. 1km after Stará Lesná village, take a turn left according to the navigational signs.

Arrival form the Tatras / Tatranská Lomnica

Direction Podbanské – Starý Smokovec Stará Lesná: Approx. 1km before Tatranská Lomnica take a turn right to Stará Lesná. After the train station, approx. 1,5km, take a turn right according to the navigational signs.