Culture and history of the Tatra region – tips for trips – hotel Lesana***

Discover history and culture

The Tatras and the region have a lot to offer for lovers of history, culture and gourmet experiences.

Gallery Encián

National cultural monument, also known as former hotel Encián at Skalnaté Pleso, served as the final station for a cableway from Tatranská Lomnica. Built in 1937, the hotel underwent a recent reconstruction and nowadays you have a chance to see interesting exhibitions inside too.

Skalnaté pleso, Vysoké Tatry - hotel Lesana***

SKI Museum

Discover the magic of the history of winter sports in the Tatras. The museum is located in Tatranská Lomnica and you will see truly intriguing expositions on skiing, ice skating, curling, mountain climbing or sledging. Breath in the taste of the life in the mountains from the past and be sure not to miss the 3,07m long skis from 1885.

TANAP Museum and Botanical Garden

Open all-year-round, the unique museum in Tatranská Lomnica will uncover curiosities and details from the Tatra National Park. Nature protection, history of plants and animals, some of which have been taxidermied and are at the display. The museum includes exhibition from the history of people living in the region, too.

Spiš Castle, Spišská Kapitula and Levoča

Visit the iconic monument in Slovakia, the largest castle in Central Europe and discover the beauty of history. Captivating exhibits compliment the majestic architecture of the castle, together with breath-taking views all around.

Výlet na Spišský hrad - hotel Lesana

We recommend joining the trip to castle Spišský hrad with visits to the historical towns of Levoča and Spišská Kapitula. Enjoy the medieval character of Levoča town, part of the UNESCO heritage. Its most famous place is St. Jacobs Church with the tallest wooden gothic altar by renowned Master Paul of Levoča. Charming character of a historic town awaits you in Spišská Kapitula as well, make sure to stop by in the roman St. Martin’s Cathedral from 13th century.

Castle Kežmarok

Discovering history and culture pays off in the town of Kežmarok too. Only 15min by car from hotel Lesana lies the only completely preserved castle in the Spiš region. Guilds and crafts, weapons, medieval pharmacy or dungeon tower with views and fascinating folk stories, that’s only a taste of the Castle of Kežmarok.

Castle Ľubovňa

Another castle awaits, only about an hour drive north from the hotel. The castle tour takes about 2 hours and is interwoven with guides in period costumes. Summer includes various shows and exhibits in the castle itself. Next to the castle is a historical Skanzen and Weapon Exposition.

Restaurant and museum Ždiarsky dom

Folk / period restaurant and museum, only 30min by car from the hotel. Enjoy the delicious specials of local cuisine and the variety of Goral culture. You can experience a traditional Goral wedding and try folk costumes yourselves.

Spišská Sobota - tip na výlet - hotel Lesana***

Spišská Sobota

Historical centrum of a part of Poprad is really worth a visit. Well preserved architecture of the buildings has been highlighted with a recent reconstruction of the main square. We recommend visiting St. George’s church with altar by Master Paul of Levoča. Be sure to stop by for a cup of coffee in one of the charming cafés and restaurants.

Tatra Gallery / Tatranská Galéria

Various art exhibitions and events take place in the renovated gallery. Located in the building of former electricity plant, the  gallery itself is truly remarkable.

Traditional specials in chalets / restaurants.

Gourmet specials belong to the whole experience of the culture of any region. Visit any of the wooden chalets / restaurants for Tatra specials with the atmosphere of the mountains and local music.

Tatranské koliby a tradičná kuchyňa - hotel Lesana***