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Wellness facilities

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna has been an inseparable part of the culture of the Finnish nation. Sauning as a beneficial activity for both body and mind is considered a natural part of life in its country of origin. Relax in our Finnish sauna and treat yourselves to the perfect alleviation.

Try the recommended sauning cycle in dry Finnish sauna: After a bath / shower, take a seat in the sauna for a while. The length of stay is an individual preference. As the Finnish tradition goes, after a warm-up in the sauna, good idea is to cool oneself down. No need to jump into a lake, we recommend trying our icefall or massaging cooling showers. After cooling, repeat the relaxing process once or twice (total 2-3 times).

  • Temperature: 100 – 110°C
  • Recommended length of stay: 10 – 20min

Wellness Centrum - Fínska Sauna - hotel Lesana***, Stará Lesná

Finnish sauna benefits

  • Improves relaxation
  • Relieves muscle pain and fatigue
  • Beneficial for blood circulation
  • Cleanses the skin
  • Relieves stress and tension
  • Cleanses the body
  • Supports immunity
  • Aids healthy sleep
  • Calms mind and soul

Steam sauna

Parná sauna - hotel Lesana***, Wellness Centrum

Even ancient Greeks and Romans had been enjoying the pampering of steam rooms and you can treat yourselves to this kind of relaxation in hotel Lesana*** as well. Unwind in our sparkling new steam sauna and let the invigorating effects of 100% humidity and warm room nourish both the body and mind.

  • Temperature: 45°C
  • Relative humidity: 80-100%
  • Recommended length of stay: 10 – 20min

Steam sauna benefits

  • Relieves muscles and joints
  • Muscle relaxation can help with migraines and stress
  • Supports the cleanse of skin, pores and acné
  • Helps with healthy functioning of respiratory system
  • Supports blood circulation

Infra sauna

Also called infra red sauna, it works on the basis of heat from light, which is absorbed on the surface of our skin. Infra red energy from infra lamps is the same as energy from the Sun and you can enjoy it in the infra sauna without the negative effects of dangerous UV light.

  • Temperature: 40°C
  • Relative humidity: 10%
  • Recommended length of stay: 20 – 30min

Oddych vo Wellness Centre - hotel Lesana***, Vysoké Tatry

Infra sauna benefits

  • Supports holistic body and soul relaxation
  • Helps blood circulation
  • Helps chronic pain relief
  • Supports healthy skin


Great way of cooling down after a stay in the sauna is the refreshing ice from our icefall. After a warm-up in the sauna it cools you nicely and it stimulates blood circulation.

Kneipp’s therapy

One type of hydrotherapy, invented by Sebastian Kneipp from Bavaria. It represents a holistic approach in the field of naturopathic prevention and it is very popular in the whole of Europe. The principle of Kneipp’s bath (or therapy) lies in changing warm and cold water, which is ideal mostly for stimulating blood circulation.

Kneipp’s therapy benefits

  • Blood circulation benefits
  • Metabolism support
  • Strengthens the imunity

Jacuzzi for 6 persons

Vírivka / Jacuzzi - Wellness centrum v hoteli Lesana***, Vysoké Tatry

Perfect relaxation looks exactly like jacuzzi / whirlpool. Unwind in the pleasant warm whirlpool and enjoy the pampering massaging effect of water jets. You can enjoy hydrotherapy with friends in our new jacuzzi for up to 6 persons.

Relax Room

Nové Wellness centrum - hotel Lesana***, Vysoké Tatry

Ease off in our Relax Room after saunas, jacuzzi or straight from a trip or skiing. Relieve both body and mind, every muscle and relax in the perfect oasis of tranquillity.


The idea of pampering relax on warm stone beds comes from ancient Rome. You can enjoy this fantastic relaxation in our hotel as well.Take a break in the soothing atmosphere and delight in the feeling of overall warmth.

Massaging cooling showers

Cooling off after a hot sauna is the ideal way to stimulate circulation. Massaging cooling showers support this restorative effect on the body and you will feel heavenly light.

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